Writing to multiple Excel Sheets with Kettle


Note: If you can use the Excel Writer plugin there are more convenient possibilities to write to multiple sheets, or even into the same sheet but different places. Check out this article.

Every now and then the question about filling multiple sheets of a single Excel file pops up on the Pentaho Kettle forums, so I gathered . . . → Read More: Writing to multiple Excel Sheets with Kettle

Prevent running multiple instances of a Kettle Job

simple status file

Sometimes a Kettle job needs to be executed on a tight schedule, every few minutes for example. Occasionally it is undesirable to have multiple instances of the job run in parallel. This might happen in case a run takes longer than usual, and the subsequent run starts before the current one finishes. This post shows a . . . → Read More: Prevent running multiple instances of a Kettle Job

Multi-Threading in Kettle Transformations

number of copies

Performance considerations are often essential in ETL implementations, especially when the job in question is executed frequently, or a series of jobs must execute within a fixed time frame. This article focuses on harnessing the multi-threaded nature of a Kettle transformation to optimize its performance.

Suppose each step in the transformation is already set up for best . . . → Read More: Multi-Threading in Kettle Transformations

Parallel processing in Kettle Jobs

Parallel Processing in Kettle

For most ETL processes it is desirable to minimize their running time. A common technique to cut some time from the overall process is to identify steps that do not depend on each other and let them run in parallel threads. This post explains how to set up jobs for parallel processing in Pentaho Kettle. Download the example job file. . . . → Read More: Parallel processing in Kettle Jobs