Building a detailed Date Dimension with Pentaho Kettle


Having rich date dimensions in a data warehouse often enables sophisticated business relevant analytical queries. This post shows a way to generate a detailed date dimension table that includes fixed date and variable date holidays, working days, special events and week of year information using the Kettle ETL tool, also known as Pentaho PDI. . . . → Read More: Building a detailed Date Dimension with Pentaho Kettle

A Simple Date Dimension for Mondrian Cubes


Date dimensions are among the most important dimensions of many Mondrian cubes. The usefulness of a cube often depends on the way the date dimension has been modeled. This post shows how to create a basic date dimension and how it can be augmented with properties to suit specific analysis needs. If at some point you . . . → Read More: A Simple Date Dimension for Mondrian Cubes

Using Named Sets in Mondrian

When working with Mondrian cubes I often find myself wanting to look at a time series chart. Say I want to look at some KPIs’ development in the last 60 days. So I write an MDX query that dynamically determines the last 60 days and selects them together with the KPIs to produce the chart. Most . . . → Read More: Using Named Sets in Mondrian

Date calculation in iReport

Screen Shot Date Calculations

When working with JasperServer, JasperReports, and iReport it is a common problem to perform date calculations. You would usually want to calculate dates to fill parameters when calling sub reports for example. iReport expressions offer a way to do calculations in Java or Groovy. But each calculation, like the definition of a parameter value, must consist of exactly one expression. When trying to define a complex date object, describing the last day of the last month for example, most people find it very difficult, if not impossible, to do this in a single expression. . . . → Read More: Date calculation in iReport