Run Kettle Job for each Row

run for each row

Sometimes it would be nice to execute a Kettle job or transformation multiple times, each time with different parameters passed in. Suppose for example you are doing migration work and need to import legacy data one day at a time. You already have a Job in place that imports data for a particular date. The date must be specified as a parameter. Suppose you need to import all data since a fixed start date up to yesterday. Running the import for every day manually is a pain and it is error prone. Would it not be nice to let Kettle figure out the proper dates and run the import job for each date? . . . → Read More: Run Kettle Job for each Row

Loops in Kettle Jobs

Kettle Job Loop

Suppose you need to do a file transfer over a less reliable network. Occasionally there may be timeouts or connection resets, in which case you simply would like to wait a bit and retry. Only after 10 retries you are willing to give up and abort the job. It sounds like a typical “loop” was the . . . → Read More: Loops in Kettle Jobs